4 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Home Design

September 7, 2021

Home design is always evolving, but the pandemic has led to swift shifts in how spaces are used. COVID restrictions led many of us to become homebodies who work, play and exercise at home. We need our living spaces to reflect our new habits. Here are four ways the pandemic has changed home design.

Multipurpose spaces

According to an American Time Use Survey, people spent more time tending to their gardens, reading to children, and improving their homes in 2020 than in 2019. This increased time at home has created a demand for multipurpose spaces. 

Gone are the days when the kitchen was solely used for cooking, and the dining room was just a place to eat (or to store your grandmother’s antiques). Work spaces are being incorporated into kitchen and bedroom designs and living rooms must double as play areas.

Homeowners are opting for furniture that serves many functions such as large kitchen islands for entertaining, cooking and doing school work. Murphy beds and other types of transitional furniture make it easy to transform a bedroom into a home office.

Multipurpose space

Natural light and calming colours

All the anxiety and chaos of the pandemic has driven people to cultivate tranquility in their homes. 

One of the most powerful ways to create a sense of peace and calm is through the use of natural light. Large windows are the clear solution for homeowners who want to enjoy the mood-boosting powers of the outdoors from the comfort of home.

Light, neutral colours are also having a moment as people strive to create a serene atmosphere in their living space. More homeowners are opting for a calming colour palette of greys, creams and whites.

Natural light shining in kitchen

Transitional open concept design

Open concept designs have been popular for years, but the pandemic has made people reassess their needs. Homeowners want an open space that also offers privacy.

Creative interior designs allow people to enjoy the bright, airy feel of open concept spaces while providing temporary privacy solutions such as pocket doors and chic room dividers.

Open concept design

Luxury outdoor living

The restrictions imposed by the pandemic spurred greater demand for outdoor living spaces. People have been spending more time eating, playing, and relaxing outdoors, and they want a space that’s versatile enough to meet their needs.

As people spend more time in their backyard, they’re seeking privacy and shade structures such as gazebos and screened porches to feel a sense of seclusion.

Homeowners also want to compliment the natural beauty of the outdoors with luxury furniture, high-end fireplaces and beautiful decks. If your backyard is also your dining, entertainment and relaxation area—why not invest in improving it?

Luxury Outdoor

We can design a home that meets your changing needs

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