Discover the Amsted Advantage

It’s a combination of people and process that we call the “Amsted Advantage.”

Amsted’s 30 years of experience has taught us a thing or two about what it takes to ensure your project goes smoothly, no matter the size. When you choose Amsted, you can be confident that we understand what’s important to you – from expert design and beautiful, high quality workmanship to respecting the need to keep your home as clean and organized as possible while we complete our work. A process developed through client feedback guarantees we will finish on time and on budget, while our personalized service ensures your space is beautifully transformed into a home that is uniquely yours. It is so important to us is it that you enjoy your home for years to come, we stand behind our work with our industry-leading 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind, guaranteed.

Give us a call or book a consultation and let’s talk about how we can help create your dream home!

Designing your Ideal Kitchen.

Award-Winning Design-Build

Amsted began following the design-build model in 2008 and it’s been a proven roadmap to success for any renovation or custom build project. The model integrates the entire process – from design through construction – under one roof, with great benefits to you: a design that fits your budget, an easy process that encourages communication and participation, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that one company is responsible for your project from beginning to end. You will appreciate the ease and flow of the experience when you trust your home to us.

“Easy to work with” is just one of our accolades. Amsted is also the most recognized custom residential specialist in Ottawa, and our projects have won critical acclaim at local, provincial and national levels. We’ve received awards in areas such as green building, heritage preservation, distinctive kitchen design and overall design-build projects; whatever home renovation you have in mind, with Amsted, you can be sure you’re working with the best in the business.

While industry recognition is important, perhaps our greatest achievement is the designation of Guildmaster for nine years running. At Amsted, we are dedicated to maximizing client satisfaction, and we utilize GuildQuality to ensure we are living up to that promise. GuildQuality enables an independent third-party satisfaction and performance review from our clients upon project completion, and provides us with feedback that will help to better understand the areas in which we’re performing well and identify any areas for improvement.

To obtain the designation of Guildmaster, a company must maintain a minimum of 90% client recommendation, and Amsted has consistently exceeded this score.

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In-House Team of Professionals

Amsted isn’t just a creator of award-winning homes, but of award-winning teams. Our employees are selected not only for their high level of technical skill and industry experience, but also for their people and communication skills. Opening your home to our team is not something we expect you to take lightly. Communication is essential to a successful relationship and we take pride in our ability to build comfort and trust.

The majority of every project is completed by our dedicated in-house team, including key personnel who have not only 20+ years of industry experience, but 20+ years of experience with Amsted. This loyalty allows us to invest in regular, ongoing training, and helps ensure that our team is on the cutting edge of building practices and techniques, including our LEED certified designers. The next time you’re in Stittsville, stop in for a tour of our head office, where you will be introduced to many of our staff by the anniversary paver stones that proudly line our walkway and welcome you to our home.

While our in-house team can complete many projects, it can be necessary to use specialty trade professionals. We hand-select the ones we use and have worked with most for many years. All of our specialty trade partners are required to carry the appropriate licenses, workers’ compensation insurance, and general liability insurance for their trade. We take the time to make sure they know what we expect from them, just as we would any new staff member, and are equally dedicated to their success and satisfaction.

Each member of our team shares an unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction. You will find them conscientious, clean, and just as dedicated to your project as you are. Our President always tells people, “If you take the time to stop by a site and meet our team, you will be sold on Amsted.” It hasn’t failed yet!

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Amsted’s process of listening, producing, and refining is effective and is what sets you apart from other companies. […]

- Jennifer and Chris

Proven Process

At Amsted, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with, and are committed to making the entire experience of creating your dream space enjoyable. From the outset, we will treat you like part of our team, because you are; we’re all working together to achieve a common goal – translating your ideas and vision into reality.

Our process is simple but detailed. You will find an overview below, but we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss the details. Each client is unique and we expect your experience to reflect that. But we know from client feedback that following our process leads to projects completed on time and on budget, and to clients who are thrilled with the end result. We want that next happy client to be you!

Let’s Get Acquainted

We start with a free in-home consultation, where one of our Project Coordinators will meet with you to discuss your project and gain an understanding of your goals and vision. We will also discuss your budget threshold and timelines. This ensures we can make informed recommendations on how to meet your needs. Next we will prepare a Project Development Agreement, outlining the scope of the project. With the agreement signed and the design fee paid, we begin the exciting phase of design!

Planning for Success

Planning for Success

You will now be introduced to your design team, selected for your unique project needs (aesthetics and/or architectural). Along with your Project Coordinator, who will continue guiding you through the process, you will meet to explore your wishes, wants and needs, and discuss how this will affect budget and scheduling. From here your team will work on creating the space that you envision, while ensuring the proper zoning and setbacks are met.

The Magic of Creation

Magic of Creation

Once your preliminary drawings are prepared, we will arrange a review meeting to look over the design and budget in detail. This is where you will guide us – identifying what you like, what works, and what doesn’t. Based on your feedback and approval, your design team will create detailed schematic drawings and 3D drawings if desired. We will also prepare and present a preliminary estimate for the construction phase, for your approval.

Details, Details, Details

Details Details Details

Your Design Decisions have an impact on many elements, and this important step helps us fine tune the design and costing. At this stage we will also assign a dedicated Project Manager (PM) who will see your project through to completion. Along with key trade partners, they will meet to do a walk-through of your home, review plans and share ideas to avoid unforeseen surprises later on. Once all of the Design Decisions are finalized, we will present and review with you the complete budget, drawings and selections in a Contract Signing Meeting.

Off to Work We Go

Off to Work We Go

We will hold a Pre-Construction meeting with you prior to starting construction, to discuss logistics, communication protocols and expectations. Once work begins, your team will meet with you weekly to ensure open and ongoing communication. We will walk-through the progress, providing updates and asking for your feedback on the experience to date. Questions are answered as they arise and decisions are made quickly through this regular interaction with the entire team. We consider this a critical part of the process, as it is our goal to make sure we are meeting your expectations on the schedule, budget and quality every step of the way.

Enjoying Your New Space

Your contract completion date will mark our final weekly team meeting. We will guide you through the finished result, explaining exactly what was done, how everything operates, and any required maintenance. We’ll check in 30 days later, and again at 12 months to confirm that everything is still entirely to your satisfaction. If any issues or concerns arise throughout the length of your 5-year warranty or beyond, we’re always just a phone call away. Our dedicated Home Care Department is available for any support you may require; all you have to do is relax and enjoy your new space!


Personalized Service

There’s no one home improvement project that will fit every homeowner, but there is one design-build company that can. At Amsted, we offer so much more than “custom.” We understand that your home is an investment, and we consider your personality and lifestyle, the unique attributes of your existing home and the characteristics of your neighbourhood throughout the entire design-build process, in order to deliver a home that is unmistakably yours.

Personalized service is the culmination of every aspect of our 30 year history:

  • It blends our Core Values with our in-house team of professionals to ensure your team is not only highly trained but also highly motivated;
  • It brings together our design-build expertise with our proven process to deliver uncompromising craftsmanship on time and on budget; and
  • It has become a mechanism by which we measure all our client interactions as we work to tailor each component to your unique characteristics and needs.

At Amsted, we have the qualifications, the abilities and, most importantly, the commitment to provide you the utmost personalized service, because adding comfort and value to your home is the service you have trusted us to provide for 30 years.

For each person, the design-build experience will be different, but it always starts by finding out what brings you comfort. Is it entertaining family and friends, cuddling up on the couch beside a roaring fire, relaxing with a book in a sun-drenched bay window, or cooking a giant pot of soup on a cold and blistery winter day? Whatever it is, these experiences make you, you. And being able to draw this out of you makes Amsted, Amsted. Our team is skilled at asking the questions, crafting the design and producing the quality that will leave you feeling like your home was meant for you.

To enhance your personalized, private and stress-free experience, we are located in four locations across Greater Ottawa. We understand that the magnitude of decisions required in a custom home or renovation can be overwhelming, so we created our meeting spaces with a cozy, inviting atmosphere where you can comfortably discuss your wants and needs with our professionals. Just like your home, our Living Rooms are a place where dreams can be explored and ideas brought to life. We want to help you create a home where you can relax, entertain friends and express your personality and lifestyle. What better way to accomplish this than by being part of the fabric of your community and having an in-depth understanding of your needs as only a good neighbour can?


Communication was emphasized from the start and we were always aware of what was happening throughout the design and construction phases. We can truly say that Amsted is responsive and engaged in the work that they do. It was a pleasure having them work for us. […]

- Terence and Leticia