Design-Build Services in Ottawa, ON

Amsted’s design-build services provide a one-stop solution for homeowners looking to renovate or build a new home. Our professional design and construction experts work together under one roof, creating a seamless process that saves you time and money. We also offer you opportunities to get actively involved in the renovation process so you can achieve a greater sense of pride in your home. It’s all part of the Amsted Advantage.

Your Design-Build Team

Throughout your renovation or building process, you will work with an Amsted Project coordinator, designer, project manager and team of carpentry professionals, all dedicated to your project.

Your Project Coordinator will begin the project with you, right from your free in-home consultation. Our team of designers is available if you require architectural or interior design for your project. Your project manager will tend to every detail throughout your construction process, monitoring the scope of work and cost throughout.

Our team is with you every step of the way. This personalized service empowers you to be as involved as you want to be, while ensuring the project design meets your goals for function and style.

Amsted’s Design-Build Benefits

 Design innovation

Bringing together designers and builders at the start of a project enhances design inspiration, through creative brainstorming on aesthetics, functionality and building science.

“From initial conceptual meetings through to the final design, Amsted brought significant value-added expertise and realistic solutions to the challenges the project faced – a major benefit of the design-build process.” – Sarah & Alex

 Better quality

Design-builders are experts in both fields, enabling them to see alternatives that deliver a better project than you initially imagined.

“It impressed us that the designer and construction crew took the time to discuss the situation and work together to leverage the diverse skill sets of the team to arrive at the best possible solution. The result was exceptional workmanship.” – Jennifer & Chris

 Cost savings

Budgetary goals and true costs are considered in design, and monitored and assessed throughout construction.

“Our budget was as serious to Amsted as it was to us. We felt we got the best for our money in Amsted.” – Co P.

 Faster delivery

Integrated project management means our construction team is brought in at an early stage in the design process, which allows your project to begin sooner, and be completed faster and with fewer challenges.

“The schedule was adhered to during the entire construction phase. For a four-month project, I think this was exceptional, and certainly impressed our neighbours.” – Katie & Andrew

 Singular responsibility

Just one company is held accountable for cost, schedule and performance; everyone from the lead architect to the labourer is clearly focused on one goal – your goal. There is only one point of contact for you, and no confusion over responsibility.

“The entire renovation experience, from beginning to end, was a positive and happy one for us. Amsted is a first-class organization that, in our view, operates in accordance with its core values of integrity, teamwork, respect, trust, empathy and loyalty.” – Lindsay & Ivan


We were unable to move out over the 7 month duration of the job so were present throughout, interacting with the Amsted team on a daily basis and we can’t say enough about how wonderful an experience that was for us. Every single person who worked on our job, from the project manager to those who just came to perfrom small specific tasks, was friendly, patient, courteous and hard working. […]

- Lindsay and Ivan

Home Additions and Renovations

Improving on what you love can be a difficult task to undertake. That’s why our team offers support in every aspect of the process, not only to meet your needs, but to exceed your expectations. If you already have specific renovation ideas in mind, we can help you bring them to fruition. If you don’t, our design team will work with you to create a design that suits your needs with a style you’ll love.

With over 25-years of experience, our team can support your every home improvement need. Our in-house design team can work within existing rooms, creating everything from kitchens and bathrooms to media rooms and in-law suites. Our renovation professionals can also successfully add on to your home, creating additions for both indoor and outdoor spaces and tackling home exteriors and historic preservations. We can confidently guarantee not only a superior custom home or renovation but a life-enhancing transformation as well. Browse our gallery for more inspiration of what we can create for you.


  • Whole Homes
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Specialized Living Rooms
  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Ensuites
  • Bedrooms
  • Basements
  • Media Rooms
  • Sun Rooms
  • Attics
  • In-Law Suites
  • Historic Preservation Projects
  • Home Exteriors

The Amsted Advantage

Our award-winning team of in-house designers, carpenters and project managers have more than 450 years of combined experience, who focus on communication so that we can deliver a home this is unmistakably yours. We consider your existing decor and architecture to create additions and renovations that will complement your home and style. For your total peace of mind, we back this up with a five-year, industry-leading warranty. For more than two decades, this has been the Amsted Advantage.

You have questions; we have answers. Contact us today and book a consultation. Let us help you bring your vision to life!

Award-Winning Design-Build

  • The design-build approach allows for greater control over all aspects of a project – from concept to completion – creating a worry-free environment through better communication.
  • Amsted has been named the 2016 Renovator of the Year by the Ontario Home Builders’ Associationfor the second consecutive year. The award, which represents the highest achievement in the industry, recognizes Amsted’s unique combination of design innovation, quality craftsmanship and superior client service.

In-House Team of Professionals

  • Award-winning designs require award-winning people. Our full-time, in-house team is comprised of the most highly skilled designers and builders in the business.
  • Every member of our team shares a commitment to customer satisfaction, design creativity and uncompromising workmanship, ensuring that your project is completed to the highest standards – both yours and ours.

Proven Process

  • Our design-build process highlights communication at every stage. This dialogue is key to our success. For more than 25 years, when our clients talk, we listen – carefully.
  • From pre-conception to completion, and throughout our five-year warranty, our integrated team is always available, always anticipating your needs, and always supplying the services and solutions you require.

Personalized Service

  • At Amsted, we understand that your home is much more than a ‘project’; it’s an investment – of time, creativity, emotion, energy and money. That’s why we personalize your home every step of the way, considering everything that makes you and your family unique.
  • We also take into account the architecture and personality of your existing home and the surrounding neighbourhood, uncovering the synergies that will lend themselves to creating your personal space.

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Custom Homes

Your custom home is a huge investment of both time and resources. Most clients will build a custom home just once in their lifetime – shouldn’t it stand the test of time? Amsted has the experience to create beautiful, livable plans and designs with the understanding of what true quality craftsmanship means. We are committed to making your dream a reality by focusing on the things that are important to you in the design and function of your new home.

Amsted offers design-build services for clients who want to work solely with one company from the beginning to the end of their new home build, as well as for clients who wish us to work collaboratively with an architect of their choosing. We take pride in every project to ensure you end up in a beautiful custom home – designed just the way you want it – with impeccable workmanship and attention to detail.


  • Urban Infill
  • Estate Lots
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • LEED Canada Platinum (Awarded in 2013)
  • R-2000 (First R-2000 home built in Ottawa in 1991)

Home Repairs and Upgrades

As part of our renovation services, we offer home repairs and general maintenance, performed by our team of fully licensed Red-Seal carpenters and trade professionals, backed by our full company’s expertise. Our services include adjusting doors, repairing drywall, updating caulking, inspecting roofs, and much more. If your dream project isn’t on our current repair list, talk to us. We’ll work with you to make it happen. Contact us today at!


  • Hardwood flooring or carpeting
  • Floor and wall tile
  • New trim or doors
  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Decks
  • Installing railings
  • Painting
  • Hanging art work
  • Developing storage solutions
  • Heat cables and heated driveway installation


  • Caulking
  • Adjusting doors
  • Repairing drywall
  • Roof inspection and repairs
  • Changing furnace filters
  • Parging and concrete
  • Siding, soffit, eavestrough
  • Exterior work
  • Plumbing
  • Seasonal maintenance

If there is something on your list that’s not on ours, let us know and we will work with you to make it happen!